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Components of a Pro SEO to Market Your Products and Services Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Components of a Pro SEO to Market Your Products and Services Online

“He who is well prepared has half won the battle.” ~ Portuguese Proverbs   The core of a strong SEO lies in careful planning in every step of the way. Professional SEO service does not mean satisfying the parameters for page titles, page descriptions, and content tags. In fact, a Read more

Integrated Inbound Marketing Customer Life Cycle

Integrated Inbound Marketing : Process, Implementation, and Tools

The rise of the digital age has changed consumers and as marketers, we must adjust and ensure that each piece of the entire marketing mix complements the rest in order to improve impact on lead conversion and return of investment. Aside from traditional advertising, inbound marketing has gained a loyal Read more

Online Marketing Manager

The Job of an Online Marketing Manager : Future Functions and Challenges

Internet marketing is the most challenging form of marketing because “strategy” is no more than a disposable item; we create internet marketing plans that are only good for 3-6 months. If print marketing dominates for over 400 years, and pre-digital marketing (telemarketing, TV, and Radio Ads) reigned for 50 years, Read more

Content Marketing Strategy

How to Know if Your Content Marketing Strategy is Effective

We Marketing Quote have been discussing topics about content marketing for quite some time and if you’re one of our avid readers then by now you’d have an idea on what it’s all about. To some this may be known as the new age of branding but in reality, it Read more

Local Business Internet Marketing

Local Business Internet Marketing – Sample Organic Implementation

Local business marketing is drifting towards making businesses available online. Gone are the days wherein businesses get publicity solely from traditional ways of marketing–forms of direct mail, print, broadcast, and referrals. Internet marketing has drastically transformed itself as the marketing of the future. If you want to leverage the marketing Read more

Content Copy Writing

What you Need to Know About Content Marketing

Say, you’re involved in an internet business and is bent on dominating the web through your products or services, so you tapped content marketing as a main avenue to make that possible. Do you really think you know what that concept entails? Doubting yourself for the nth time? Well, worrying Read more

Inbound Internet Marketing

The Minimum Effective Dosage (MED) of Inbound Internet Marketing

  Inbound Internet Marketing vs Outbound Internet Marketing Inbound internet marketing is a popular term used to describe a set of internet marketing strategies aimed to provide customers the ability to find companies online. It is similar to the term popularized by Seth Godin, Permission Marketing; this is process wherein Read more

Text Content

Content : The Foundation of Small Business Internet Marketing

Any small business’ internet marketing strategy needs time to take full effect apart from the pre-implementation phase. But all this, relies on one fundamental idea: content. If you’re running a small startup regardless of concentration: service or product based, it all boils down to how well you put your site’s Read more

Get Your Business Online

Get Your Business Online – The Right Way

The latest “internet user’s data” reported 38.8 %* of the world population has access to internet. Accessibility of the internet using mobile devices is also increasing towards 40% of the total internet time**. Despite estimated 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions in 2013, mobile optimization is still an untouched opportunity for internet Read more

Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Why Content is King in the Realm of Online Marketing

Even Bill Gates wrote it in his essay: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. This was dated back in 1996 and over the years, it still is very relevant today. But at this point Read more