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Get Your Business Online – The Right Way

Get Your Business Online

The latest “internet user’s data” reported 38.8 %* of the world population has access to internet. Accessibility of the internet using mobile devices is also increasing towards 40% of the total internet time**. Despite estimated 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions in 2013, mobile optimization is still an untouched opportunity for internet marketers since almost half of the brands worldwide still do not have a mobile-ready version of their websites***. What does this have to do with you and your business? This simply means that you should see internet marketing as an astonishing marketing opportunity. Today, ensuring that your business is found online is an inevitable phase in the marketing landscape.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of businesses that are ignorant of the benefits online marketing can provide. The main questions are still how, why and where to do internet marketing.

We hope this short-list can serve as a guide on how to get your business online:


I. Business Website

Business Website


Every business owner who wants to venture into the world of internet marketing should start with building a website. And in relation to the above statistics on mobile marketing, it is also indispensable for a business website to have a mobile version. Both website versions must be optimized in the sense that it can be easily crawled by search engines. Why? Because search is still the main method for internet users to find business websites online.

Business Website Mobile Version


II. Social Media Profiles

Business Social Media Profiles

Social media are also called the “online hangouts” of target customers. So it is very important to determine where to focus your social media marketing campaign. Obviously, everyone is on Facebook, having a Facebook page is a must. Customers also use Twitter to have a quick access to information via mobile devices. This makes it is necessary that you must have a dedicated staff to attend to consumer queries that mentions your brand. If you are targeting business networks and professionals however, LinkedIn is considered as the #1 social network for professionals. Does your business website contain a collection of appealing images? Pinterest and Instagram can connect you to traffic. There is always a specific social media channel for every website content types.


III. Business Directories

Google Places for Business Website

Business directories provide an alternative to get your business found online. Google, the No.1 search engine today, strongly pushes Google Places for Business. Being listed in Google Places enhances the chances for your business to be included on search results. For restaurants, Yelp also provides an opportunity for your customers to post reviews and supply free publicity. The same goes for hotels, TripAdvisor presents user-generated insights on different hotels and related businesses for travelers around the world. Other general directories can also provide assistance. Some of examples are Hotfrog, FourSquare, CrunchBase, Lacartes, and LinkedIn Company Directory.


IV. Press Release Channel

Press Release Channel

For your business’ latest events, news, and promotional offers, an official press release channel can help your target customers verify the information spread online. While it is generally used for promotional purposes, press release channels must also provide an official declaration of what is happening with your business. You can etiher use your website blog to post your news and promote via social media profiles. Or you can utilize PRWeb or PRLog, this process guarantees that your news story is syndicated with other news websites as well. You can also choose to do both – depending entirely on your resources and the number of activities your business has per month.


V. Video Channel

Video Channel for Business

A video channel serves as a medium of content publication. As compared to press releases, it is not mainly about news. It also includes instructional materials and promotional offers that can be creatively implemented in a video. Some companies host their company videos in their website, especially if they have subscribed to a hosting plan with huge or unlimited space. Others also use YouTube. Being the second-ranking search engine, there is a high possibility that users can find their videos or business under appropriate categories and topics. Other free video-hosting sites include Vimeo, Daily Motion, MetaCafe, and PhotoBucket.


VI. Subscription List

Subscribers List

A subscription list is generated via solicited information gathered from your business website’s visitor opt-ins and forms. However, this can be only effectively implemented if you already have a significant number of loyal visitors. For those who are still building a sound subscription list, free offers like eBooks, White Papers, Instructional Videos, and other free materials can be of great help.


VII. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing should be redesigned to have a very personal approach. Your subscription list is a perfect starting point to drive your email marketing campaign. Mining an email list via software or a third party entity is a good idea, but be very careful in the using this record of potential customers. Remember, they did not willingly ask for the information concerning your business. Have a courteous introduction about you and your business, and then describe how your business could help them. Avoid sales lines. A free offer could be nice way to get their attention. Bear in mind, it must also be clear to them that they have an option to unsubscribe, so your business could not be perceived as something annoying.


Review on How to Get Your Business Online


As a recap, you can make sure your business is found online through establishing a business website that offers a great user experience – both for desktop and mobile devices. Create social media profiles that will help publicize everything your business has to offer to your target customers. Make your business verifiable and searchable in business directories. Update your website blog on a regular basis for news and updates. Create a video channel for instructional and promotional materials. Then build a subscription list for your website visitors. Finally run an email marketing campaign to deliver your business offers straight to your target customer’s email.


Finally, The Smart Ways to Get Your Business Online



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