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How to Advertise Online for FREE – Best Places to Advertise Your Business in 2013

Youtube for Online Advertising

There are countless lists on how and where to advertise your business online. But at the end of the day, its the ones that work that really matter. So, it is very important for you to understand how and where to channel all your online advertising efforts. Otherwise, these attempts to promote your business will go to waste.


Think of Minimum Effective Dosage (MED)

MED is the minimum amount of efforts needed to obtain an effective result. For example, if you want to turn water to ice, you only need to set your freezer to 0 degree Celsius. Less than that you could only have cold water, and more than that could just be a waste of energy consumption.

The same way goes with online advertising. You only need to find out the frequency of posting on multiple channels and how it should be done. Over-promotion is synonymous to spamming. Posting less decreases the visibility of your business.


Where to Advertise Online for FREE?



Using Social Media for Business Online Advertising

Social media offers an opportunity to quickly promote a business to its target customers. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users will always post something related to their interests. The demographic profiles of social media users reveal marketing opportunities for you and your business. With this, you know what group of people you need to reach out to and maximize business leads from.


Facebook Fanpage

Using Facebook for Online Advertsing

With 1.11 billion users worldwide in 2013, advertising on Facebook could be so tempting. But to test your visibility to Facebook users, you need to setup a fan page for your business first. The good thing about it is that it’s FREE! You can post everything about your business with catchy advertising images and text. From there you can see how many people your business has reached on a particular time frame. You can also determine how many Facebook users have shared your posts.


Twitter Page

Using Twitter for Online Advertising

Twitter has 500 million users worldwide – a number you shouldn’t miss! It offers low competition and you can even create a FREE account. The rule of the thumb in Twitter advertising is that you must know who to follow and obtain their demographic information. This will qualify them as part of your target customer list. Some advertisers even use promoted accounts, promoted Tweets and promoted Trends just to find these “who-to-follow” profiles. You must carefully analyze when to go for Twitter promotion so it’s worth every penny you spend.


Google Places for Business

Using Google Places for Business Online Advertising

Google Places for Business is a listing for Google+ users searching for local businesses. To date, Google+ reached 343 million active users worldwide. The good thing about Google Places for Business is aside from being FREE, internet users can also find your business online via Android mobile phones and Google organic search results. You only need to establish the legitimacy of your business, your business physical location and phone number. Google will verify and review the existence of your business based on your business’ geographic location. Once approved, your business information can reach new heights.



Content Marketing for Online Advertising

Website contents have been drastically diversified since the dominant text-based html formatting of the early internet days. Content nowadays can vary in many other forms like video, podcasts, infographics, and display images. Regardless of the form of your content, the rule of the thumb in promotion is to put yourself in your audience’s shoes; would enjoy reading your content? Will you likely share it to their buddies and colleagues?

Avoid being crappy in creating content as it may negatively affect your business brand online. Don’t just publish for the sake of making your business website to look active. That’s garbage. Your content can go a long way if it will be syndicated by other websites and social media users. So, it is important to put up a good content strategy so your business could stand high even on free content promotion channels.


YouTube Channel

Youtube for Online Advertising

With 1 billion users (4 billion views) worldwide, YouTube is the top video content channel for your business. Your business promotional video could be in front of a billion faces. Although creating a YouTube Account and YouTube Channel are FREE, your business promotional videos are still measured via shareabilty – or having the potential to go viral. If a picture paints a thousand words, how much more picture plus text can do? In creating a business promotional video though, make sure to deliver a clear message to your target audience.


Podcasts and Webinars

Using Podcasts and Webinars for Online Advertising

Although these two are FREE, podcast and webinar can be called an advanced level of online advertising. Before you setup for a webinar or podcast channel, you need to ensure a list of signed-up audience which is only possible if they are convinced and willing to spend few minutes of their time listening/viewing what you want to say about your business. If you could say that your social media efforts are effective, podcasts and webinars could be your next step to promote your content online. Create FREE podcasts channels via Podomatic or SoundCloud, while FREE webinars can be setup via AnyMeeting.


Press Release

Using PRLog for Online Advertising

Press release is one great way to inform online communities about the latest news, events, projects, and promos of your business. One FREE website where you can post your press release instantly is PRLog. It also has added geo-targeting features if your business is aimed to capture audience from a certain location. Your business press release can also be syndicated to other websites like BiddingBuzz, SiloBreaker, and PubMemo – all these for FREE!


Guest Blogging

Using Guest Blogging for Online Advertising

Guest blogging is one of the old ways to generate free back links from other websites. It is FREE in the sense that you only need to ask permission from site owners to publish your content on their website in exchange for a free link towards your business page. However, guest blogging today is deeply rooted on the quality of the post – to the extent of measuring the relevance and authority of the websites where you want to post you content. You must establish a sense of authority on your online personal profile within the niche where your business belongs. Typically, you can easily do this. It’s your business after all.


Images and Infographics

Using Pinterest and Instagram in Online Advertising

Although most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, FourSquare, Flickr, and Tumblr offer photo and image posting for without fees, it seems that Pinterest and Instagram are taking the lead in free image-sharing networking. Images are often used as link baits to attract internet users to click and be directed to the business page. If you have uploaded photos in Pinterest or Instagram, it can also be easily fetched and shared to other social media sites. Images occupy larger areas in a webpage, thus, greater visibility for your business as well.



Using Classified Ads for Online Advertising

Many people would question if classified ads posting worth the time spent. But indeed, it ‘s working! Some people are not just used to it. But classified ads generate free and qualified leads for your business. Even though Craigslist and eBay ranked #8 and #152 website in the US, we don’t usually appreciate things that are for FREE. Correct positioning of your ads could lead to better conversion. So, at least put some time posting your business products/services on Craigslist, eBay, OLX , BackPage, Google Base and Oodle.


On the Final Note

Using Web Marketing Quote for Online Advertising

Now that you know where to focus your online advertising campaign, you now understand that it cannot be done alone. If you want to capture all the channels mentioned above. If you’re a business owner who would rather focus on the core operations of your business and leave internet marketing to some online advertising agency, we at WebMarketingQuote offer practical long-term advertising options for your business online. Ask for a free quote now and we’ll get back to you our affordable pricing terms in less than 24 hours!

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