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How to Know if Your Content Marketing Strategy is Effective

Content Marketing Strategy

We Marketing Quote have been discussing topics about content marketing for quite some time and if you’re one of our avid readers then by now you’d have an idea on what it’s all about. To some this may be known as the new age of branding but in reality, it has been in the industry for centuries. Content was always a part of business. Moreover, content with good, well thought of context is one of the reasons of a business’ progress.

Speaking of branding, everyone who ventures in the business industry must be able create their own identity. Something that gives them that certain individuality that lasts in their customers’ minds. These two sentences have been in thousands of articles in the internet already, telling people to establish a strong branding campaign. Now that the establishment phase is done, how can one tell if they’re doing it right? Is the money invested put into good use or was it just a waste of time? More importantly, how can one tell if their content marketing strategy is effective?



Fortunately there are ways on how to determine if your content marketing is working out properly. Of course, the main result is that your sales is doing well but know that everything between your investment and profit matters.


Key performance indicators include:

  • The amount of traffic your webpage/social media site has for a given amount of time
  • Average time visitors spend on site
  • Number of content downloads (if you offer downloadable files)
  • Page rank and inbound links
  • How active your social media interaction is


To determine that these key performance indicators are doing well, you must achieve high amounts or numbers. The higher the number of visitors you have, the better the traffic is. And the more traffic you acquire, your business becomes more buzz-worthy.

If you look at the checklist closely, you’d realize that one verb these indicators have in common is INTERACTION. Apart from providing all the technical aspect of a website, nothing will come into fruition if you do not interact with your potential and loyal customers. Be active enough to:

  • Post updated content
  • Bring in new and interesting information in forms of modules or eBooks
  • Reply swiftly to customer queries and suggestions
  • Collaborate with other websites/blog sites to refer your business to their subscribers


These are just some of the example of what you can do and we all know that it’s different when you “mingle” with your online network connections compared to interacting in real life. But let’s be honest, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, getting in touch online is so much more convenient. Plus, it brings good results if done right.

Social media engagement


Content plays a huge role in interaction. Your viewers must have something to see, watch and look forward to. That’s why you have to feed them with updated information. Whether you’re talking about your website launch, product introduction, event announcement or freebies, ensure that everything is done with the purpose of telling the world your product/service exists. And this will be one of the reasons for your online presence’s high performance.

Now if you want metrics on your content marketing performance, there is a variety of software and applications that give out accurate data. But bear in mind that for you to have a solid measurement on your progress, you must have a concrete goal. Ask yourself what you’re really trying to achieve as the clearer your goals are, the better chances of achieving them.

Trish Magno

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