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Top 10 Expertise to Look for When Hiring an Internet Marketing Consultant in 2013

Internet Marketing Consultant

Becoming an internet marketing consultant isn’t done overnight. His ideas come from careful observations on what’s in and what’s out in online marketing. His experiences on different waves of internet marketing makes him reliable source of information.

Since internet marketing strategies vary from time to time, one important quality intrinsic in an internet marketing consultant is his ability to adapt with the latest online technologies. In his fast-paced career, any point of dormancy can make him less relevant. So how do you choose your internet marketing consultant for your online advertising needs?


Here’s a 10 point expertise guide you can use when choosing an internet marketing consultant for your business:

1. On Contents…

Many would say content is king. But content doesn’t necessarily have to be plain boring write ups focused on keywords. Nowadays, even an image or a video can be considered as content.

Text, images, or videos are simply mediums of great content. Great content, however, is measured by the number of interested traffic it gains. In other words, a content marketing strategy should focus on maximizing its reach to its target market online. It also includes the potential of getting viral – a content that initiates user-generated sharing via social media and other means.

So, how would you know whether or not an internet marketing consultant is capable of creating a sound content marketing strategy? I’ll give one counter-example. Outdated internet marketing consultants would instruct you to create numerous thin contents. These will then be published on different article directories and hubs. Once you hear this, take it as the immediate deal breaker!

2. On Videos…

Videos are becoming one of the primary sources of contents – making YouTube the 2nd ranking search engine online. Why? Because videos are less-stressful and easier to understand. People love interacting ways to get information – obviously, visual illustration plus audio descriptions are more interactive than reading 500-word article.

How would an internet marketing consultant use videos in an online marketing campaign? The important aspect of an online video marketing is the story and concept within the video itself. The process of promoting these videos can be as easy as A-B-C. But getting the target audience to actually watch the video is 50% of video marketing success.

3. On Images…

Just like videos, images are visual means to tell the marketing story of your business. It’s undeniable that photos have power over the market today. In fact, Pinterest is now the 3rd ranking social network in the US. Link baits, images that are “click friendly”, are also rampant on Instagram and Facebook.

An internet marketing consultant’s idea on how formulate an infographic or a promotional image is vital in generating traffic and conversion to your business website. Remember, an image without a story is just like a letter that nobody opens – all gone to waste.

4. On Rich Snippets…

I think this can one be the most technical aspects of internet marketing – incorporating rich snippets and structured data in your business website. Rich snippets are gaining support from major search engines like Google as a way to easily understand the content of your site.

Although it might not be one of the primary roles of an internet marketing consultant to implement rich snippets on-site, it is important to know whether he would consider applying these mark-ups on the essential pages of your business website.

5. On On-Page SEO…

As another technical aspect of internet marketing, on-page SEO is a process every internet marketing consultant should understand. It deals with all the strategies involved in making a website search engine friendly.

As a hint, you would know that your internet marketing consultant is right for your business if he would implement on-page SEO at the earliest stage of your online marketing campaign. He should know what keywords to optimize and integrate his content marketing. He should know what to install in your business website in order for search engines to easily fetch information.

6. On Off-Page SEO…

Off-page SEO is all about external linking and promotion. Its target is to generate traffic and qualified leads for your business website from outside sources. It is also a primal consideration in ranking on search engine results pages (SERP’S) for the desired target key phrases.

Off-page SEO is heavily dependent on the search algorithms of Google – especially, Penguin and Panda. So it is very important that your internet marketing consultant is making sure that every aspect of off-page SEO is Panda or Penguin proof. For long term results of your internet marketing endeavor, you must guarantee that your internet marketing consultant is not employing any black-hat strategies to dominate the search rankings.

7. On Social Media…

Social media, although a separate aspect from off-page SEO, has become one of the important signals in ranking websites on search engines. This means that if content – whether article, video, or infographic – is gaining popularity on the social media environment, it is more likely to be relevant and reliable.

Off-page SEO cast aside, social media promotion requires specialized skills to capture the target audience who use social media platforms online. A marketing campaign for Facebook can be different from that of Twitter. So better check if your internet marketing consultant has specific campaigns for every social media platform.

8. On Local SEO…

Local SEO is getting popular these days, especially for travelers and businessmen. But local SEO is only intended for local searches wherein search engine users add a location to look for specific business establishments nearby. What makes it a considerable aspect is the fact that 20% of total queries are local and 40% of it is from mobile devices. This implies that local SEO and mobile optimization is a close tandem. With the advent of location and business finder apps like Google Places and FourSquare, local business marketing should have a specialized local SEO campaign.

When consulting with an internet marketing expert, make sure he understands whether your business is optimized for the local or global market. Otherwise, you could be losing traffic from local searches where your business might be relevant.

9. On PPC…

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is clearly a different game compared to the more organic means of promoting a website. In Google Adwords, it is very important to determine what keywords are betting on your pay-per-click campaign – keywords that would likely generate leads for your business and not just visit and get information. After all, you will be paying for every click that will lead to your website in the ads section of the Google search.

It is a primary function of an internet marketing consultant to determine the keywords that most buyers use in search engines. He should also balance your advertising budget versus the cost-per-click (CPC).

10. On Email Marketing…

This one could be the most infamous method used in internet marketing. It has been abused by most internet marketers – sending unsolicited emails to target customers. However, e-mail marketing still proves to provide relevant leads – at projected 3% advertising spending and even at 1% conversion rate. It’s like sending 10,000 emails you gathered or purchased from business mailing provider, and get only 10 responses. It’s still worth it, considering you have converted these 10 respondents.

But for internet marketing specialists to come up with a good email marketing campaign, it requires persuasive techniques starting from the subject title of the email, to the content of the email and down to the landing page. It’s like mastering the art of capturing the interest of your target market online. So better ask your internet marketing consultant for a portfolio showing the successful email marketing campaigns he has implemented in the past.


On the Summary…

Your internet marketing consultant shapes the online marketing campaign of your business. To increase the chances of marketing success means you should employ the best internet marketing consultant. He must be equipped with sufficient experience, yet affordable enough for your advertising budget. Not only that, your internet marketing consultant also molds your business brand online reputation. So everything he has done for your internet marketing campaign reflects directly to your entire business. So, choose well…

Alain James Retuya

Online Marketing Strategist at Web Marketing Quote
Balancing both work and play, James is a full time online marketing specialist from Monday to Friday and an adventurer on the weekends.

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